My name is Tucker Holladay. I am a Mechanical Engineer who dabbles in a little of everything, from electronics to websites to cars to painting.

I like working on machinery, such as my Monarch Lathe or my Bridgeport Milling Machine. I like to make old machinery better than it was before. I enjoy fixing broken/old equipment. My passion is solving problems and finding solutions.

My primary experience is using Solidworks to create 3D models. I have worked with many people and companies to bring their ideas to fruition.

If you have an idea or a problem, reach out to me at:

Tucker Holladay

My Current Equipment:

  • Bridgeport CNC Discovery 300SX, Year: 1992 SN:300-200I
  • Bridgeport J1 Milling Machine, SN:179892 & 189571
  • Bridgeport Round Ram Milling Machine, J1 Head, SN:21195
  • Monarch 14C Lathe, 16.5″x54″, SN27335, MFG Date:10/1945
  • Yam Gap Bed Engine Lathe, 14″/22″x32″, SN: Unknown
  • Parker Majestic 2Z Surface Grinder, SN:2476-SCM-69
  • Little Machine Shop Mini Mill 3960
  • KO Lee BA900 Tool and Die Grinder SN:150193-Head
  • DoAll C916 Bandsaw
  • Everlast Tig Welder

Past Equipment:

  • Southbend Model 30, O Series, SN:2430, Year: 1913, Sold 11/2019
  • Monarch Model A? Flat Belt Lathe, SN:N/A Year:1909-1924ish,16×36″, Sold 2/2021
  • Grizzly G4000 9″x19″ Lathe, Sold 3/2021