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Results of Learning to Hand Scrape

Got back from the scraping class taught by Richard King. You can see more info about what he offers at hand He taught us to hand scrape and power scrape to 40 points per inch at about 40% coverage. I have included a few pictures of the parts I scraped and practice piece. I learned a lot. I’m planning on using this knowledge to fix up my monarch lathe. I may also scrape in the ways of my Parker Majestic surface grinder, it has turcite on the ways of the saddle. There are wear marks on the turcite from use in the last shop it was used in. I want some more practice before I start that project, as that requires a large amount practice, and I don’t have the experience yet.
I also met abom79, Keith Rucker from and Lance Baltzley. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of them, and I learned a ton from tips they provided while I learned.