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New Machine, V Ram Bridgeport Milling Machine

I bought a “new” Bridgeport milling machine from a friend of mine for a great deal. I just had to get to Buffalo from Massachusetts.

Challenge Accepted.

I took the machine apart, putting the J1 head and the shaper head into the bed of the truck and put the rest on a trailer. Piece of cake. Getting it out with just me, a little more challenging, but I managed. It went very well and it was added to the garage. It is a welcome upgrade from the mini mill that I have been using to get by with. My other Bridgeport (round ram style) is at my brother’s house, about a hour away, so not convenient to use. The new Bridgeport lets me tilt the head, a nice addition to the shop.

I will be tearing the head and ways apart to do some serious cleaning. The gibs had the oil port for both sides plugged with old oil, so I have some lubrication concerns. At least the machine came with a 1 shot oiler. Also looking to give the shaping attachment a trial at some point!