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Farewell to a Friend, Southbend Sold

I decided to sell the Southbend to a good friend of mine, Jeremy Korte. He was getting into machining and was looking for a lathe. I knew he would treat it well, and we worked together to finish fixing the lathe up. He did all the electronic controls for the motor and we both worked on the countershaft fabrication.

I finished making a number of gears that broke *Cough* my fault *Cough*. They were needed for sending power from the spindle down to the lead screw for threading, AND for forward/reverse direction. I made up a new counter shaft pulley and welded a frame that would hold it in place. I also made the micro v-belt pulley that took power from the motor and sent it to the countershaft. We bought a new BRIGHT ORANGE flat belt and got the spindle powered that way.

The whole process bringing it back to life was awesome. He’ll be taking good care of the lathe, hopefully making cool new things with it! Nice to see a lathe from 1913 being used today to make new things in 2019.