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Surface grinder fully assembled

New Machine, Parker Majestic Surface Grinder

I went to an auction recently and picked up a Parker Majestic 2Z Surface Grinder, Serial #2476-SCM-69. It weighs a ton! Literately, the online estimates I have for the weight of this machine put it at 1,800lbs. I have little experience with a surface grinder, so a lot of this is new to me. The ways of the machine have 90% of the scraping the ways. the vertical looks a little worn, but nothing I can complain about. The table looks to have turcite (or an equivalent material) on the table ways. There is no major pieces missing, although there is a little scoring in on section of the turcite. Once it was setup in the garage, the table moves freely in all directions! No binding was felt, though I may end up jacked on my left arm, as it is a manual operation machine.

When bidding on it, I didn’t notice the comment about “burned out motor” though! OH NO! LUCKILY, after a little electrical investigation, it turned out that the On/Off switch was the real problem. I found a replacement, and am hoping it will work! The motor was tested, and it spins under power, so it is known good.

Currently, I am trying to get a rotary phase converter to power the machine with 3 phase power. I am also missing the spindle drive belt and idle pulley for turning the main spindle. I may end up trying to make a new idler pulley. At another auction, I picked up a grinding wheel arbor, so I’ll need to make some more when I have multiple different wheels.