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Close up detail of the cleaned up lathe

Atlas Lathe Tune Up

This Christmas (2016) I got my brother a lathe, in secret! He had no idea what to expect. 🙂

When I purchased the lathe (shout out to Marlene), I needed to disassemble the whole thing to get it out of the basement it was in. Then I stuffed the whole thing, stand included, into my little car and drove it to a storage place so that it could be cleaned and mostly reassembled before it was wrapped for the end of the year. Once it was presentable, I stashed the lathe across the whole house, one part at a time.

Once it was Christmas, he opened his present and got to work reassembling it again. (I had to bring the lathe home in pieces.) He then cleaned it up even better than I did and it works great now! He uses it all the time.

Here are the photos showing the progress cleaning up the lathe and the final result after he got it for Christmas.